on 21st September 2021

Given the uniqueness of ROBOMED as 1st Global Medical Robotics Summit as scientific – professional event in Rovinj, Croatia, we are introducing ROBOMED Virtual Policy MeetUp as intro to ROBOMEDs three-days sessions.
With this virtual policy event open for all interested attendees, we would like to highlight dialogue about the future of artificial intelligence, medical robotics, digital health innovations and data science in general, in the service of improving the health care and quality of life of the EU citizens, which is one of the priorities of the European Commission and the European Parliament

The European Commission makes its digital vision very clear – EU’s digital strategy seeks to bring changes in the interests of EU citizens and businesses, and also to contribute to the 2050 climate-neutral Europe goal, declaring this period the “digital decade” of Europe with a focus on data, technology and infrastructure, digital sovereignty and setting EU standards.

The EU has the potential to become a world leader in safe use of artificial intelligence. With a strong regulatory framework based on human rights and fundamental values, the EU can develop an artificial intelligence system that is in the interests of people, businesses and public administrations.

Europe is well placed to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence, not only as a user but also as the creator and producer of this technology, as more than a quarter of all robots for industrial and professional services are produced in Europe. EU has excellent research centers and innovative companies and a leading position in the world in the field of robotics. Moreover, in the context of Horizon Europe, the Commission will establish a new public-private partnership in the field of artificial intelligence, data and robotics to pool activities, coordinate research and innovation, collaborate with other Horizon Europe public-private partnerships and cooperate with the aforementioned testing infrastructures and digital innovation centers.

As stated in the introduction of „White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust“, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is developing fast. It will change our lives by improving healthcare (e.g. making diagnosis more precise, enabling better prevention of diseases),  and improve the safety and quality of life of Europeans. That is why the European Commission has proposed a set of measures to promote excellence for artificial intelligence, strengthen innovation capacity and rules that will ensure that this technology can be trusted.

By digitally connecting many respectful experts and leading speakers from EU administration, digital and healthcare industry and respectful NGOs related to medical technologies / eHealth,  we would like to close many gaps in correlation to digital health care and support the vision of brighter future aligned with Commission’s digital decade strategy.