IFESS 2021 is organized by the Special Hospital “Dr Martin Horvat”, Rovinj, Croatia and the ETRAN Society, Belgrade with the support of IFESS.

The conference presentations should focus on hybrid systems that intend to maximize the involvement of preserved sensory-motor systems during therapy and include functional electrical stimulation and exoskeletons for control of joint stiffness and position. Contributions dealing with FES applied to the central nervous system in parallel with activation of the peripheral nervous system are expected.

A book will be prepared, supported by the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia with selected papers from first X Proceedings of the ECHE, invited presentations in Rovinj 2021, and selected papers from IFESS 2021. 

The 24th annual IFESS Conference will run complementary with the XI Symposium on External Control of Human Extremities (ECHE) where some of the pioneers in the field would bring back some of the hot topics presented during 30-year long history of ECHE Symposia. 

The meeting will be covered with the Internet based communication links to allow on-line (remote) participation especially for the participants from overseas.


Conference Chairs:


Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
Emeritus Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark
Member of the Serbian academy of sciences and arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Corresponding member of the Slovenian academy of sciences and arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Born in 1950 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia). Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) since 2009, Belgrade, Serbia; Member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences (AINS), Belgrade, Serbia since 2004; Professor Emeritus, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark since 2016, Corresponding member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He published about 500 papers (130 journal publications), 34 book chapters, 9 textbooks, and many conference papers). His papers were cited more than 8150 times. h=48 (Google Scholar). He led the research that resulted with eight patent applications. Several of his research results were translated to clinical or home use. He supervised more than 25 PhD and about 100 MSc students. He developed the Laboratory for biomedical engineering and technologies ( He is the associate editor: Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Member of the review board of Medical Engineering and Physics and Journal of Neuromodulation. He is the Editor of the Journal of Automatic Control, University of Belgrade. He is the Founding and Life Member of the IFESS; Fellow and Founding member of the AEMBES, President of the Serbian Society for Electronics, Automatics and Computer Engineering (ETRAN).


Chief Executive Officer of Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation "Martin Horvat"
Research Advisor
Member of Managing Boards
Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Research Methodology

Chief Executive Officer, Research Advisor, Member of Managing Boards, Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Research Methodology featuring 10+ years experience within the healthcare industry both as a CEO and a Research Advisor. Winner of a large number of international scientific awards and the National Award for Science of the Republic of Croatia, conferred by  Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Parliament and the National Committee for the conferment of the National Award for Science.


Dejan Popović, Chair

Marinko Rade, Co-chair

Simona Ferante, IFESS representative

Jan Veneman, Cost Action representative

Tijana Šušnjar, ETRAN represenative

Tatjana Mrzljak, local organizer

Matija Sošić, Public Hospital Rovinj Representative

Oleg Nikolić, Public Hospital Rovinj Representative

Barbara Zatković, Public Hospital Rovinj Representative

Le Saomai Nguyen, web manager

Time Zone. The time zone in Croatia is GMT + 1 hour.


Electricity. Electricity is supplied at 230 V, 50 Hz (circular, European-style two-pin plugs).


Language. The official language of the conference is English. The official language in Rovinj is Croatian.


Smoking. Smoking is not permitted inside the conference building, restaurants and/or at the venues for the social functions. Smokers are required to smoke outdoors. Smoking is prohibited in public buildings, public transport, taxis, buses and trains.


Credit Cards, Currency and Exchange. The official currency in Croatia is Croatian Kuna (HRK). Exchange facilities are offered at the airport, in hotels, and at the exchange offices and desks of banks. Visa and Master Card are accepted at the registration desk, ATMs, in hotels, first class restaurants and city stores, but you should ask or look for the logo before ordering a service.



Insurance. The Organizing Committee cannot assume responsibility for injuries or losses occurring to persons or personal belongings during the Conference. Participants are therefore advised to travel with a valid insurance package. In the case any Force Major circumstances may lead to the cancellation of the congress registered participants are not entitled to any compensation.


Passport and Visa. Participants from outside the EU have to possess a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the Conference. Please check your visa requirements at the web-site of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs If an entry visa is required, please allow sufficient time for this procedure. Upon request the Congress Secretariat will send a personal invitation to registered Conference participants only. To request an official letter of invitation for your visa application, be sure to have the following information ready when processing your request: your full name as it appears on the passport and your passport number.


Disclaimer: This procedure is intended to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Three-event conference 2021 and is not an official invitation covering fees and/ or any other expenses or financial support for the conference. The organizer is not to be held responsible for the outcome of your visa application. Those persons needing an official invitation letter in order to attend the congress may contact: specifying the necessary details.



Deadline for submission of IFESS 2021 manuscriptsSeptember 11, 2021 
Final versions of manuscripts for IFESS 2020 received

September 15, 2021

Information to authors about the acceptance of the paper  September 17, 2021 
Discounted registration deadlineSeptember 18, 2021

Opening of the 24th IFESS 

September 23, 2021



Due to unpredictable rules for travelling due to pandemics, participants who signed for the FACE TO FACE conference can switch to the ON-LINE option with a full refund on the difference fees up to September 10th.

After September 10th, a refund of 50 Euro for each participant switching to the ON-LINE conference will be issued.

Also, for full protection, in case newly issued pandemic rules hinder the organization of the congress FACE TO FACE, the congress will be moved ON-LINE and the difference will be refunded to all participants.