Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Hospital "Martin Horvat”

Rovinj is a city located on the north end of the Adriatic Sea, on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The population of Rovinj is about 15000. The town is officially bilingual, Italian and Croatian. Many residents still speak Istriot, a Romance language.

Rovinj was a settlement of Venetian or Illyrian tribes and then captured by the Romans, who called it Arupinium or Mons Rubineus, and later Ruginium and Ruvinium. Originally, Rovinj was built on an island but got connected to the mainland in 1763.

The town of Rovinj, the third most populous town in Croatia, is one of the most important centers of Istria County and an administrative unit encompassing most of Istria.

Rovinj has a humid subtropical climate. The average temperatures go from 4.8° C in January to 22.3° C in July. The sea temperature is over 20° C from mid-June to September. From May to September Rovinj receives over ten sunny hours a day. The rainfall averages 94.1 cm a year and average air humidity is 72%.

Transportation. The center of Rovinj, which includes the old town, is very walkable and transportation by bike or scooter is a preferred means of getting around for many locals. The closest commercial international airports are Pula/Pola (»30 km) and Trieste-Ronchi (150 km). Car rental is available at each of the airports. A convenient connection is via Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia (»140 km) and Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

The 1st Global Medical Robotics Summit will take place at the Special Hospital “Martin Horvat” in Rovinj, Croatia.